This educational site exists to present facts.

Like most countries, Mexico has violent crime. Our concern is that the portrayal of this violence is sensationalized and inconsistent with the portrayals of other countries and travel destinations. We do not suggest that Mexico is completely safe, nor is it as dangerous as it is represented. We offer specific factual comparisons so that travelers can make enlightened choices without the haze of politics and media hype.

“How Safe Is Mexico?” is an independent site. 

This site is a project of Black Label Interactive, a firm which has represented travel and luxury brands on every continent. In the interest of remaining impartial, we have not received and will not accept any compensation for creating this site. In 2010, we noticed that some the finest companies in the travel industry were being victimized by inaccurate data and we decided to set the record straight with the most accurate data we could find. This is not intended as a pro-Mexico or anti-anything resource. We hope it neutralizes some misrepresentations and fosters a spirit of excellence within the hospitality industry.  About Black Label 

Gathering and comparing credible facts.

Different cities, states, regions and countries report information in different ways. We believe U.N. World Health Organization statistics are a good guide, but do not include some under-reported crime. We supplement WHO data with figures from a private research and consulting firm, RRS y Associados-Prominix, in Mexico which estimates unreported crime to calculate more accurate figures. We compare those numbers to U.S. figures reported by the FBI. Global figures (outside of the U.S. and Mexico) are based on WHO reports. Some of our charts report slightly different data. U.S. city comparisons use FBI data with 2010 statistics. International data from U.N. and Prominix is from 2010-2012. uses data from various years to draw different comparisons.

We want you choose your travel responsibly.

We hope that by comparing facts from various sources, you will see that Mexico is  statistically safer than many popular tourism destinations. The endless barrage of negative media has a harmful effect on the resorts, destinations and people who want nothing more than to showcase what they have to offer. Whether you choose to visit this beautiful and diverse nation or some other exotic place, you should do so based on facts. We wish you safe and memorable journeys wherever your travels take you.


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Facts collected April-June 2012. Fact analysis: June 2012.